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The BAMbook 2014 is out!

The book of abstracts of the third edition of our Belgian Agroecology Meeting (ULB, 5 November 2014) is ready and gives you a feeling of what that day will bring us. The abstracts were meant to be extended so that interested readers can find relevant information such as speaker addresses

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I am an environmental sociologist with a background in agricultural engineering (Master’s in 1983) and (…)

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Jean-Claude GREGOIRE

I am an agricultural scientist, a forester and an entomologist. I graduated at the Faculté des Sciences agronomiques de (…)

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Denise VAN DAM

I work as an assistant professor at the University of Namur. I am a psychologist (Master degree) and hold (…)

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Thierry HANCE

With a background in biology, I took a specialization in ecology and population biology . I did a thesis in 1988 (…)

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L’agroécologie : trajectoire et potentiel. Pour une transition vers des systèmes alimentaires durables

Stassart P. M., Baret Ph., Grégoire J-Cl., Hance Th., Mormont M., Reheul D., Stilmant D., Vanloqueren G., Visser M. (…)

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