Thierry HANCE


With a background in biology, I took a specialization in ecology and population biology . I did a thesis in 1988 on the comparison between generalist and specialist predators and their roles in crop protection . After a post doc performed in Agriculture Canada, I was appointed FNRS Senior Researcher in Belgium in 1991 and I developed research themes on insect -parasitoid relationships with applications in biological control.

Professor at Catholic University of Louvain in Louvain- la-Neuve since 1996, I set up a research laboratory focused on the ecology of interactions and biological control (EDIC). The themes developed in my team are behavioral ecology and population dynamics using insect or mite models that are mainly species of interest in agriculture.

We have developed practical models of biological control in cereals, orchards and under greenhouses. The know-how and technology developed in the EDIC laboratory is at the root of the creation of a private company dedicated to the production of insects for biological control (

I have also developed research themes on the relationships between agriculture and biodiversity and crop management for the purpose of conservation biological control. I teach several courses on ecology, evolution, entomology and biological control.

Faculty/Department:  UCL/Sciences, Earth and Life Institute/Biodiversity


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