Université de Liège (ULg)

I am an environmental sociologist with a background in agricultural engineering (Master’s in 1983) and research practices oriented toward sciences of environmental managment. After working with a development NGO in Africa (1986) I joined the Socio-economic Environmental & Development (SEED) research team – part of the Liège University’s College of Science – in 1997.

I teach “Sustainabity Transition Studies” and lead SEED’s team of fifteen researchers. My main research for fifteen years was food system transitions toward sustainability, with a special focus on transdisciplinary research combining participatory and interdisciplinary research design. My current theme is the “ecologisation” of food systems with case studies in stock farming, conservation agriculture, peasant seeds, and alternative food networks. I am a founding member of GIRAF and currently its facilitator.

As a coordinator of the Certificat in Agroecology and Transition – www.certificat-agroecologie.ulg.ac.be –  and one of the co-founders of the International Summer School in Agroecology – http://issae.enfa.fr/ –  , I am also involved in various educational projects teaching agroecology on the national and international level. My publications can be found in the open repository orbi.ulg.ac.be

Faculty/Department:  Université de Liège – secretary
Email:  p.stassart@ulg.ac.be
URL:  www.ulg.ac.be

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