Agroecology & Transition Certification

Third edition of the Interuniversity Certificate in Agroecology and Transition to Sustainable Food Systems

September 2015-February 2016 // 14 ECTS // Belgium – ULg, UCL, & ULB
Agroecology proposes a change of paradigm for organizing agrifood systems in order to emerge positively from the many crises (climatic, ecological, energy, and social) that challenge the sustainability of today’s agrifood systems.  The certificate provides interuniversity further training designed by several cofounders of the interdisciplinary agroecology research group GIRAF (Groupe Interdisciplinaire de Recherche en Agroécologie) of the Belgian National Scientific Research Foundation (FNRS) the International Agroecology Summer School held in Louvain-la-Neuve and now Toulouse since 2011.
This certified continuing education course (14 ECTS – 220 hours) is designed for a diverse range of local and overseas development workers, farmers, young scientists, and recent university graduates (crop scientists, agricultural engineers, Master’s in social science, environment & systematics, etc.).  The certificate will provide the skills needed to analyze the processes of transition toward sustainable agrifood systems that can take up tomorrow’s challenges.  It will give its participants solid skills to manage such a transition.
Training organized by members and cofounders of GIRAF.

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