Centre wallon de Recherches agronomiques (CRA-W)

I am an agricultural scientist by training (Master and PhD at the UCL). My main expertise is in the ecological analysis of farming systems. For over ten years now, I have been leading systemic research projects through my position at CRA-W. My team and I have developed particular expertise in the modeling of soil-plant (grassland)-ruminant interactions that takes the impacts of farmers’ decision making and food chain actors into account. Based on this know-how, I participate in different think-tanks that aim to define and evaluate the pathways and roles of livestock farming systems with a keen eye on values such as food access (in quantity and quality) and current trade-offs between socio-environmental and economic performances. I have special interest in organic farming systems in order to explore farming system performance by optimizing manure fertilization potential (composting approaches), plant species complementarities (legume-grass coupling, multi-specific swards, etc.), anti-helminthic grazing management (through the use of tannin-rich grasses or adaptation of grazing schemes), and so on. I am on different scientific committees in Belgium and France.

Email:  d.stilmant@cra.wallonie.be
URL:  http://cra.wallonie.be

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