Denise VAN DAM

Université de Namur (U-Namur)

I work as an assistant professor at the University of Namur. I am a psychologist (Master degree) and hold a PhD in sociology. I have been engaged for several years in psycho-sociological research into organic agriculture in general and the farmers’ actions in particular. I am currently coordinating an interdisciplinary research project on collective initiatives set up by organic farmers.  These collectives are being tackled as a “social movement” and examples of “collective entrepreneurship.”

My research is situated essentially in Wallonia and France. I mainly use a qualitative methodology based on in-depth interviews and observation, and most of my research is conducted as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Within GIRAF I am currently serving a two-year term as the group’s secretary. I am also working with a research group on small farmers, “Groupe Petites Paysanneries” (, Ladyss, CNRS).

I founded and have coordinated for six years the Sustainable Development Group at the University of Namur

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