Article : Robotic bees for crop pollination: Why drones cannot replace biodiversity.

An article to contribute to the important debate of human driven VS nature driven pollination.


Robotic bees for crop pollination: Why drones cannot replace biodiversity,

by  Simon G. Potts, Peter Neumann, Bernard Vaissière, Nicolas J. Vereecken

Science of The Total Environment, Volume 642, 15 November 2018, Pages 665–667


The notion that robotic crop pollination will solve the decline in pollinators has gained wide popularity recently (Fig. 1), and in March 2018 Walmart filed a patent

for autonomous robot bees. However, w present six arguments showing that this is a technically and economically inviable ‘solution’ at present and poses substan-
tial ecological and moral risks: (1) despite recent advances, robotic pollination is far from being able to replace bees to pollinate crops efficiently; (2) using robots

is very unlikely to be economically viable; (3) there would be unacceptably high environmental costs; (4) wider ecosystems would be damaged; (5) it would
erode the values of biodiversity; and, (6) relying on robotic pollination could actually lead to major food insecurity.


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