Jérôme Bindelle

University of Liege – Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (ULg – GbxABT)

Jérôme Bindelle holds a PhD in Agricultural Sciences from Gembloux Agricultural University (nowadays Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech from the University of Liège).  After a post-doc stay in the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and with the CSIRO in Australia, he was appointed Professor in Gembloux Agro-bio Tech (University of Liège). He focuses his researches on the link between nutrition and intestinal health in pigs and humans, but also on grazing management and decision support tools for farmers who want to keep grazing animals in their production system.  For this purposes he developed with his colleagues precision tools to monitor grazing animals and investigate the plant-animal interface.  Nowadays, his researches lead him to investigate the management of grazing cattle in silvopastoral systems and on biodiverse grasslands in Belgium, but also in the tropics where he collaborates with groups from Brazil, Congo and Ecuador.
Finally, Jérôme Bindelle is co-director of the International Master in Agroecology of the University of Liège, the Free University of Brussels and Agro-Paris-Tech/Université Paris-Saclay.

Faculty/Department: ULg – GbxABT/AgroBioChem/TERRA


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