Walloon agricultural research centre (CRA-W)

I graduated in bio-engineering with a specialization in soil sciences from UCL (2004). My work experience is in education (teacher, teaching assistant), consultancy (environmental pollution) and agricultural research (CRA-W/UCL). As a researcher I focused on the study of people’s practices in socio-ecological systems: For my MSc thesis I explored the links between micro-finance, farmers’ equipment and soil degradation in the cotton area of Mali; in conjunction with an economist. For my PhD thesis (UCL/CRA-W, 2014) I developed a systems approach for modelling practices and applied it to studying complexity and diversity in grassland management (livestock grazing systems, Belgium).

Faculty/Department: Walloon agricultural research centre (CRA-W) – Agriculture and natural environment Department (D3) – Farming Systems, Territory and Information Technologies Unit (U11)



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