University of Ghent  (UGent)

 I am a plant breeder and agricultural scientist. I graduated in 1979 and have a PhD (University of Ghent – UGent) on the winter-hardiness of perennial ryegrass. I was a researcher at the Department of Plant Production of UGent From 1980-1984; I was a civil servant in the domain of variety testing and  the intellectual property rights of plant varieties from 1984-1985; I was a forage and amenity grass breeder at the Flemish Governmental Plant Breeding Institute (former RvP, currently part of ILVO) from 1985-1996.

I joined the Department of Plant Production (UGent) in 1996 as a full-time professor.  I coordinated the Flemish Policy Centre of Sustainable Agriculture (Stedula), a consortium of researchers of the University of Ghent and the Catholic University of Leuven, which was active from 2001 to 2006. I am the chairman of the Section “Forage crops and amenity grasses” of Eucarpia (European Association for Research on Plant Breeding) and a member of the Board of Appeal of the Community Plant Variety Office.  My current research interests are sustainable agriculture, crop rotations and plant breeding.

Faculty/Department:  Ghent University, Department of Plant Production
Email:  Dirk.Reheul@UGent.be
URL:  http://www.ugent.be

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