6th Belgian Agroecology Meeting – 2017 – Provisional program and registration

“Après l’UCL, UNamur, ULB, KULeuven, UGent et ILVO,  GIRAF  boucle  la boucle à Gembloux avec l’ULg et le CRA-W.
Le BAM est une occasions de nous retrouver et de faire vivre notre petite communauté. Vous verrez que la formule évolue.
Nous avons besoin de la présence de tous pour faire de cet événement un succès.”
Pierre Stassart


GIRAF, the University of Liège,
the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W) and
the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
are pleased to invite you to the 6th Belgian Agroecology Meeting entitled

From diversity of species to diversity of players

on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 from 9:00 am to 17.30 pm
at the Senghor Auditorium of the Faculty of Gembloux.

This conference will highlight the great role played by diversity all along the conception and application of agroecology.

Four topics are addressed :
1. Species association and biodiversity linked to agroecology and/or agroforestry
2. Food systems
3. Teaching agroecology – Workshop
4. (How) can the Ecosystem Services framework foster agroecological transitions ? – Workshop

Provisional program




Keynote speakers:

- Adrian Mueller (FiBL & IED, Switzerland) : “What would you claim to be a sustainable food system?”

- Sandrine Petit-Michaux (AgroSup Dijon INRA, France): “Designing biodiverse agroecosystems for enhancing agroecological services.”


Short break


Presentations by participants

A mixed-model approach to characterize the link between agroecological principles and beef farm functioning- L. Tessier

Economic impact of feed autonomy and associated ecosystemic services in a beef cattle and poultry mixed farm in Belgium – J. Faux

Joint technical and economic assessment of feed autonomy in organic cattle farms in Wallonia: first results – M. Guillaume

Unveiling alternative varietal pathways for a resilient food system: the case of cereals in Andalucia (Spain) – S. Baltazar

Agroecology and extractivism in Belgium – M.Visser

Mixed cropping of winter wheat and winter peas: a natural nitrogen nutrition management for sustainable production of protein-rich seeds – J. Pierreux

The effect of wooded networks of biological control in crops: synergy or antagonism? – C. Francis

Semi-natural elements support diverse pollinator communities in sweet cherry orchards in moderately intensified landscapes – M. Eeraerts

Composite Cross Populations of bread wheat a primer on the expression of its genotypic diversity across organic farms – R.Boutsen

Impact of mown permanent grassland management scheme on floristic diversity with a special focus on legume species occurrence and diversity – M. Campion

Can organic arable and silvoarable micro-farms contribute to biodiversity conservation? A survey of wild bees community structure in the Brabant Wallon province (Belgium) – N. Vereecken

How does ecosystem services framework perform to link ecological, technical and social dimensions of the agroecological transition ? – D. Magda


Meet & Greet with presenters and lunch

14h00 – 14h45

Keynote speaker n°3 : Stéphane de Tourdonnet (?)


Short break and redirecting towards workshops

15h – 16h15


1) Teaching agroecology – P. Stassart

2) Ecosystem services and agroecology: F. Boeraeve

3) Agroforestry: How to use the values of agroforestry to create new incentive mechanisms? – L. Borremans

16h25 -17h10

Plenary session : Debate over Bec Hellouin case study with Kevin Morel (AgroParisTech), Philippe Baret (UCL), Erik Mathijs (KUL) and Chantraine Hochul (Agricovert)

17h10 – 18h

Networking and reception

+ poster session




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